• Professor Soad Mohammed Babiker Specialist of Obstetrics & gynaecology
    Alahfad women university, Khartoum - Sudan

    I am 63 years female and suffer from hypertension, ischaemic heart disease and diet controlled weight is 71 kg and my height is 157 cm. In the first week of June 2013 while walking I felt down on my right side and the trauma was mainly at my right shoulder and arm. The pain was severe pain. I was seen three times by different orthopaedic surgeons as rotator cuff injury. They advised me to do right shoulder X-ray and to take only paracetamol and muscle relaxants and to do physiotherapy. I continued suffering from pain, shooting down to my right hand and fingers and even I have to wake up at night with pain. My life became miserable and difficult for me to continue my daily work (teaching my undergraduate and post graduate students and also to see and treat my patients). The orthopaedic doctors continue to advice just to have muscle relaxants and pain killers and it will take time. I thought to go to United Kingdom for check-up and management. Friend of mine mentioned that wet cupping might help my condition as it used to be used by traditional healers, I was not convinced, but as being desperate I thought of trying under the care of physician. I contacted Dr .Waeil and he thankfully asked me to pop up to his clinic. There he examines me toughly and did all the neurological tests and so he subjected me to the cupping tests. It was my first time to here this test. To my astonishment I immediately responded and manage to lift my right shoulder without pain. That night I slept the whole night with pain, decreasing gradually and on the 2nd day I almost felt pain free especially the shooting pain to my right arm and hand. (Thank you for improving the quality of my life) this was my sms sent to Dr.waeil mobile 48 hours after I visited him. I am very grateful to him who spotted my condition. I was only left with the pain at the back of my right arm which is responding to paracetamol only, he prescribed Neck collar for me. In one week time I regained my ordinary life. Now I am very convinced with dry cupping and can advise a friend to go for it confidently. It’s a magic!!!

Tvetanka, 41 years old from Bulgaria,Sofia.

After sudden movement , the pain left me on my knees not being able to straiten my body.Was hospitalized for 6 days and prescribed medicine to relief the pain, done physiotherapy ,leaving the hospital with being able to partially straiten my body but still severe pain. Luckily I was introduced to Dr.Wayel Mohammed to one of his visiting to Bulgaria.We met he explain about the cupping test and therapy, and shortly after he started applying cups on my back in different places.Within 5 to 6 min I was able to feel pain reduction, and after the first cupping session I went home with half of the pain gone.The next several session with cupping took me back to my normal body movements with no pain.And here is the time to say ones again many many thanks to Dr.Wayel Mohammed.

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Neli Dimitrova, February,2015

Months ago I had problems with back and legs, the result of a herniated disc and other problems in the spine. I tried the test and cupping therapy, and I have to say I am not sorry for doing so. For several months I can work without shrink, sit and lie constantly. Do not be afraid and trust the Sudanese doctor !!! If you have questions, ask. He will answer you. Just to say that I have applied all sorts of treatments without surgery only. But each may be different, so try this method!