What is the test with cupping ?

Cupping test with a diagnostic test used for primary evaluation of patients complaining of low back and cervical radiculopathy .

What are the main advantages of this type of treatment?

Easy for examiner, easy for the patient to detect, fast, cheap, accurate, safe.

Is there an age limit for this kind of treatment?


Will I improve during the test?

The effect of cups for reducing pain and relieving patients' symptoms is used for diagnostic purposes after the first course of treatment improvements is up to 70%.

Is there pain during test and treatment ?

No pain , on the contrary you will feel relief.

Do I need a MRI or a scan prior to testing and treatment ?

Not necessarily , the test itself has accuracy = 94% with MRI and scan.

Is there any risk in this treatment?

Not any risk.

Will the pain appear back again?

In violation of the regime , failure to comply with my instructions / heavy lifting , weight gain/ you may get pain again.

Is it dangerous to put cup on spine ?

We are the first in the world to put cup on spine and we have enough experience in this without any complications , but anyone without experience may cause problem.