Effective solution for

disease like Joints pain, Back pain, muscles pain, spine disease, sport injuries etc.

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WELCOME SUDAN CUPPING TEST Sudan cupping test is the first registered dry cupping test for the diagnostic purposes

For the first time in the history of alternative medicine Dr.Waeil from Sudan uses suction cups for diagnosis by conducting research and study on 500 patients by which proves that diagnosis with suction cups has 94% accuracy with MRI and other expensive diagnostic methods. By this test he locates radiating body aches, the most affected area when there are several disks determining which of them what kind of pain creates. This provides an opportunity to identify the right places for treatment, making this test and diagnostic and effective medical alternative to back pain, sciatica, cervical pain, shoulder pain, knee joint pain, sharp and hronic injuries.

Sudan cupping test therapy is an effective alternative medicine solution for muscle and joint pain, lower back pain, sciatica, neck, shoulder pain, knee joint pain, acute and chronic muscle injuries, complication of cervical and lumbar disc compression. 

Suddan cupping test therapy is a cost effective easy to use to cure the diseases without the need of surgery

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Patient before sudan cupping test treatment

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Patient after sudan cupping test treatment


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About Dr.Waeil


The founder of unique newly diagnostic test. For the first time in the world using suction cups for diagnostic purposes & primary evaluation of patients complaining for cervical and lumbosacral radiculopathy. 

Our treatments

  • ic-04.png  DIAGNOSIS
  • ic-05.png  SPINE INJURIES
  • ic-06.png  MUSCLES PAIN
  • ic-12.png  MUSCLES CRAMPS
  • ic-10.png  KNEE JOINT PAIN
  • ic-07.png   SPORTS INJURIES
  • ic-11.png  WEIGHT REDUCTION
  • ic-13.png  FINGER STIFFNESS

Read people’s experience about cupping therapy TESTIMONIALS


I am 63 years female and suffer from hypertension, ischaemic heart disease and diet controlled diabetes. The trauma was mainly at my right shoulder and arm. The pain was severe pain. I was seen three times by different orthopaedic surgeons as rotator cuff injury. I am very grateful to Dr. Waeil who spotted my condition. I was only left with the pain at the back of my right arm which is responding to paracetamol only, he prescribed Neck collar for me. In one week time I regained my ordinary life. Now I am very convinced with dry cupping and can advise a friend to go for it confidently. It’s a magic!!!!

Professor Soad Mohammed Babiker Specialist of Obstetrics & gynaecology
Alahfad women university, Khartoum - Sudan