Dr. Waeil

The founder of unique newly diagnostic test. For the first time in the world using suction cups for diagnostic purposes & primary evaluation of patients complaining for cervical and lumbosacral radiculopathy. The test is essential part of the medical examination, positive sudan cupping test always means radiculopathy.

Every patient who has positive sudan cupping test and not able to do MRI or CT scan is diagnosed and treated, and always becoming better. The test is regularly applied for all patients visiting our clinic which is specialized in lumbosacral and cervical radiculopathy. Patients usually suffer from different symptoms such as neck and lower back pain, sciatica,needles, numbness..... 


intensive course and cardiopulmonary resuscitation in sport. Department of anesthesia, reanimation and resuscitation – Tracian university-Stara Zagora- Bulgaria.
specialization in sport physiotherapy-department of physiotherapy and rehabilitation- Tracian university-Stara Zagora- Bulgaria.
specialization in department of operative and pediatric surgery – Tracian University -Stara Zagora - Bulgaria.
master degree in medicine from the Higher Medical University of Stara Zagora – Medical Academy – Bulgaria, including State Practice and State Examination up to February 1994.


registrar and assistant at department of general & pediatric surgery-Tracian university-Stara Zagora-Bulgaria
care medical clinic RAK-united Arab emirates
houseman ship in federal ministry of health-Sudan
medical commission at ministry of defense -Sudan
2006-up to date:
assistant head department of physiotherapy at faculty of medical technical sciences at Al zaim al azhari university –Sudan
registered PHD in sport medicine at department of sport medicine at the national sport academy ( Vassil levies ) Sofia - Bulgaria

Courses / Trainings / Certificates

  • Attended & finished a practical course in ULTRASOUND.
  • Attended & finished a practical course ENDOSCOPY.
  • Participate in the European I.H.P.B.A. CONGRESS 25-28/May/1995 ATHENS.
  • Participate in with a poster (POSTOPERATIVE COMPLICATION IN-PATIENTS OVER 60 YEARS OF AGE WITH VENTRAL HERNIA). Budapest - Hungary 1998.
  • Participate in other local congresses & seminar in Bulgaria.
  • Attended and finished a practical course in arthroscopy
  • Different international publications in surgery.
  • 2009 : researcher in the field of cupping therapy
  • 2012: first scientific paper in cupping therapy in 2nd Istanbul-turkey
  • Attended course of cupping therapy at national health institute – Istanbul, turkey
  • New diagnostic test in cupping therapy registered by the intellectual property.
  • Different lectures in application of cupping therapy in sport injuries in Serbia and Bulgaria
  • Attendance of annual sport medicine conferences organized by the Bulgarian football federation.
  • Presentation at the annual Bulgarian football federation conference (sport and medicine) Sofia - Bulgaria
  • Poster presentation at the16th Biennial South Africa sport medicine association congress.
  • Poster presentation at the 2nd international prophetic medicine conference king Abdul-Aziz university – kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  • Different publishing in cupping therapy and sport medicine

Work Experience

Doctor of physiotherapy and sport medicine of Almourada sport club – Sudan
2006 up to date
Lecturer at faculty of medical technical sciences at Alzaim Alazhary University – Sudan.
2009 up to 2016:
doctor of physiotherapy and sport medicine at the Sudanese Olympic team.
2008up to 2016:
head department of physiotherapy at alazim Alazhary University.
2008 up to date
Coordinator of physiotherapy at faculty of medical technical sciences at Alzaim Alazhary University – Sudan.
2007 up to 2008:
Director of physiotherapy program at the Academy of health sciences – federal ministry of health – Sudan.
2008 up 2016:
Doctor of physiotherapy and sport medicine of ALHILAL sport club – Sudan. Work as field doctor in seven CAF champions league. Attending of 14 preseason camps.
Director of alazhary physiotherapy sport medicine and traditional medicine center at the university of alazim alazhary Khartoum – Sudan
Since 2015:
member of the south Africa sport medicine association S.A.S.M.A